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How to travel Vietnam in 10 Days: A Guide

How to travel Vietnam in 10 Days: A Guide

Planning a Vietnam itinerary in 10 days is not as hard as you thought it was. Even though this S-shaped country stretching across all three, our advice is to save time for the biggest regions in the North and the South. In this case, you may wonder how many days you should spend in each, and that what kind of adventures you should embark on! The article down below reveals all you need to know for an excellent plan of 10 days in Vietnam!

Brief Itinerary for 10 Days in Vietnam

10 days in vietnam

Day 1: Hanoi arrival and City tour
Day 2: Walking tour in Mai Chau
Day 3: Exploration in Mai Chau and transfer to Pu Luong
Day 4: Waling trip and rating tour in Pu Luong
Day 5: Cruising in Halong Bay
Day 6: Limestone cave visit in Halong Bay
Day 7: Saigon Arrival and City tour
Day 8: Cu Chi Tunnels and Cao Dai Temple
Day 9: Mekong Delta sightseeing tour
Day 10: Saigon departure.

6 days in Northern Vietnam

Day 1: Started with the Cradle of the Red River Delta – Hanoi

More than just a transit point, Hanoi is the current capital of Vietnam and home to a 400-year civilization. The first day in Hanoi is the best way to kick start your Vietnam 10-day itinerary.

Temple of Literature

Among a huge collection of historical and cultural icons in Hanoi, Temple of Literature is seen as a vivid witness of Vietnamese ancient educational system. The Temple of Literature is the first official academic institution ever built in Vietnam dating back to the 11th century.

Complex of Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum

A few steps further lead you to the complex of Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum, which include the gigantic Palace of Ba Dinh, Ho Chi Minh’s stilt house and Ho Chi Minh Mausoleum.

These iconic buildings walk you through the history and remarkable chronology of Ho Chi Minh, Father of the modern Vietnam and one of the most significant figures of the modern world in the 20th century.

Vietnam Ethnography Museum

Let’s wrap the first day up of your 10-day itinerary in Vietnam with a walk around the Ethnography Museum for an insight of 25.000 ancient and contemporary ethnic objects. They say museum is the best reflection of a nation, and there’s no better place that can give you the most transparent look into Vietnam history than the Ethnography Museum.

Day 2 + 3: Admire the Beauty of the Rice Fields in Mai Chau

If Hanoi gives you a sneak peek of “East meet West” fusion, Mai Chau would be an ideal spot of enormous natural landscapes of Northern Vietnam, mountain ranges and terraced rice paddies.

Light Trekking in Mai Chau

Let’s start the second day in your Vietnam 10-day itinerary by a drive to Mai Chau and get a warm welcome by the breathtaking scenery of the magnificent mountains fencing the green valley of Mai Chau.

mai chau
Peaceful atmosphere

For those who have aspired for a culture-vulture adventure, Giang Mo must be the right destination for you. It is known to be a small tribal village where you learn about the custom of living in the stilt houses built by the Muong people.

The Muong have long applied their long-lasting agriculture techniques. A short visit through the “Muong domain” gives you a glimpse into the interesting agriculture industry of the ancient Asian at the Southern land of China.

Ethnic people in Mai Chau

The exotic culinary in Mai Chau opens a new door into the system of Vietnamese traditional food. One big icon you shouldn’t miss is Ruou Can, a strong home-made wine distilled out of a certain ratio of fermented glutinous rice.

Apart from the cultural excursion, Mai Chau obtains a glamorous beauty of a special hilly land in Northern Vietnam. Thung Khe is a typical example for this. The land welcomes you to a stunning complex of bamboo forests and the infinite rice fields dotted with traditional tribal hamlets.

If you are planning a 10-day trip in Vietnam like no one else, quickly highlight Mai Chau in your plan right away!

Day 4: Strolling Down the River on A Hand-made Craft in Pu Luong

When it comes to the Northern scenery, nothing can beat the diversity of the natural parks. Pu Luong is a big representative showcasing the karst formation in Northern Vietnam.

This is a huge complex housing the jungles, mountains and bamboo ranges. A trek into Pu Luong is the best way to explore this magnificent nature preserve.

A walk to the peak of a mountain for a whole stunning vista down the valley of Mai Chau, the delish lunch at a homestay, and a relaxing afternoon by the tranquil setting in the woods would surely ignite your Vietnam 10-day itinerary.

In Pu Luong, one of the best things that all adventurous souls love to do is to hop on a rafting voyage. That feeling when you float down the streams and admire the rustic scenery on the two banks of the river on a bamboo raft is one of the most rewarding experiences ever.

Day 5 + 6: Cruising through Glamorous Limestone Garden in Halong Bay

Located 180 kilometers away from Hanoi to the East and dotted by thousands of limestone mountains, the UNESCO’s Heritage Halong Bay is always on the bucket list of nature lovers and adventurers worldwide. The Bay is made up of over 1600 limestone islands scattering throughout a 1500-square-kilometer waters.

halong cruise

The beauty of Halong Bay is the gigantic attractiveness of kart formation in various shapes and sizes. That is why the wanderlust community worldwide never forget to put this place into their ultimate 10-day itinerary in Vietnam.

The best experience in Halong Bay is to spend a night on a cruise. Going along with this cruise trip is an extensive collection of outdoor activities such as Tai Chi on the deck, visiting the fishing villages, and exploring the mystic caves underneath.

For those who seek for a better way to admire the vista of the Bay, then a seaplane trip sneaking through the Northern sky above Halong Bay is definitely made for you.

Get ready to observe the million-year-old stalagmites and stalactites and bring home the most unforgettable memory of your 10-day Vietnam itinerary!

4 days Southern Vietnam

Day 7: Soaking up the dynamic atmosphere in Saigon

If Hanoi is a cultural hub for all regions in Northern Vietnam, then Ho Chi Minh City is the biggest economic point in the South. Saigon, the former name of Ho Chi Minh City, welcomes you with a massive archive of the French-built constructions and multi-cuisine fusion.

vietnam cities
Notre Dame Cathedral

The next destination in your 10-day itinerary in Vietnam shall not exclude the attractive Saigon Notre Dame Cathedral, Central Post Office, and the City Hall. These buildings assemble in the city center and reflect an important milestone in the history of Saigon.

Afternoon time should be started with the War Remnants Museum, a famous house displaying the mind-blowing artifacts and pictures of the notorious Indochina War and Vietnam War.

Tan Dinh Church – The Pink Church in Sai Gon

From there on, move on further to explore the biggest Chinatown in Vietnam, Cho Lon, with a stop over the Museum of Traditional Vietnamese Medicine and a look into the 254-year-old Chinese Temple.

Within only one day in Saigon, yet this day trip will surely bring your 10-day itinerary in Vietnam to the limelight!

Day 8 + 9: Cu Chi and Cao Dai – A Low Note of History and Religion

You must have heard a lot about the infamous Vietnam War and you might be wondering what exactly is the reason behind the victory of Vietnam? Cu Chi has the answer for all. It is indeed a hand-dug system of underground tunnels that shelter the Vietnamese soldiers and local citizens from the intense bombing and seeking of the enemies.

cu chi tunnels

Including Cu Chi in your Vietnam 10-day itinerary allows you to explore the darkest days living under the ground, the fierce battles from the two sides as well as which tactics were used to the detect the guerrillas. The end of the Cu Chi trip is a fascinating challenge at the shooting gallery, where you attempt the function of the remarkable AK47 or an M16.

If Cu Chi is a sorrow lesson of the darkest days in Vietnam history, then Cao Dai is a different world where religion sparks a new excursion to your soul during your 10 days in Vietnam! Tay Ninh is the holy land for Caodaism and the iconic Cao Dai Temple to be built. This is an architectural excursion into the flamboyant and vivid display of the Cao Dai building seen through the collection of statues inside out.

Day 10: Indulging in the Aqua-culture of Mekong Delta

Now you are here in the largest wetland on the last two days in your Vietnam 10-day itinerary. Welcome to Mekong Delta, a gigantic wetland formed by an immense network of rivers and canals!

The Mekong Delta walks you to the domain of “aqua-culture dwellers”, where rivers are longer than roads and boats are bigger than trucks!

mekong delta
Life on water in Mekong Delta

Out of 13 provinces in the Mekong Delta, Ben Tre is one of the most sought-after localities, which is popular for being the “kingdom of coconut”. If anyone tends to miss this out, their Vietnam 10-day trip can never be completed!

Ben Tre is a little town situated by the bank of the Mekong River. This is where you get to sneak through the hidden canals by a little sampan under the shady coconut trees leaning on the both sides.

Cruising through Ben Tre

Boating is not the only way that gives you an utmost pleasure and fun in learning about the local life. Biking and cyclo-ing are two more means of transportation that play a big role in the daily life of the Mekong people.

Just imagine, you’re about to stroll down the tiny muddy paths around the greenish islets on a two-wheel or three-wheel vehicle to collect the tropical juicy fruits hanging on the trees. Is there anything better than this to beat the heat of the Southern land?

One last thing, don’t forget to get your hands wet in attempting the traditional way of making the freshest coconut candies. This is the right time for you to finally unfold the special techniques behind the mouthwatering snacks you have back home in the states.

With this ultimate travel guide we are advising, your 10-day itinerary in Vietnam is completed. Apparently, your trip across these seven cities will never be the same without the best local guide showing you all inside out. Make sure you have already had a tour operator make a top-down arrangement before you land!

vietnam in 10 days


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