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Best places to visit in Vietnam in March

Best places to visit in Vietnam in March

Going on vacation in Vietnam in March is obviously the best time to visit Vietnam in the transition period. If you’re unsure about which sites to visit in Vietnam in March, here is a list of the best places to visit in Vietnam in March that will help you get the most out of the charming beauty of Vietnam in March.

Where to go in Vietnam in March?

Best places to visit in Vietnam in March

In March, Hanoi wakes up after a long hibernation. Hanoians like to feel the arrival of spring through beautiful flowers sold by street vendors. If you come to Hanoi during the days of March, you will have the opportunity to feel and live deeply in this old city.

Let yourself be charmed by the alternating scene embroidered by the colorful flowers. What could be better than taking a stroll in the shady streets when you discover the unmissable sites and the daily life of the inhabitants.

In particular, the month of March is the period of succession of many festivals after the Tet. Let see the location we pick for you to make the most of this festive period.


Weather in Vietnam in March

For those who love nature, adventure and trekking, Sapa is one of best places to visit in Vietnam in March.┬á Sapa has different types of landscapes varies from mountain ranges, rice terraces to infinity. This site is known for its meetings with Dzao, Muong, Thai …

Sapa in March is covered with a carpet of white mist that gently embraces the mountains, the small roads. When the sun comes up, the fog and the sun hunt to the end of the horizon. All become alive and bright after the fog has come out.

In March, the city of Sapa is embellished with colorful flowers: peach, plum, cherry blossoms. A beautiful beauty. At that time, the city of clouds is not lined with golden rice terraces but is embellished with flooded rice paddies, interlaced with brown soil. A outstanding beauty!

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Ninh Binh

Mua Cave

Ninh Binh, Halong Bay on Land, promises a lot of interesting things to visit and do. The region is home to thousands of floating islet, endless rice fields and the smooth river, the Halong Bay on land is a must-visit site in Vietnam.

If you come to Ninh Binh in March, you will have the opportunity to stroll in a pleasant atmosphere and lively festivals and festivals after the Tet. Here, you will have the opportunity to discover historical and cultural sites by exploring popular tales and legends of the region.

Hoi An

Best places to visit in Vietnam in March

If you are traveling to Vietnam in March, do not miss the old town of Hoi An. One of Vietnam’s attractive destinations, Hoi An Old Town is recognized as a World Heritage Site in 1999 by UNESCO. Inherited from a bustling port city of Southeast Asia between the 15th and 19th centuries, this city seduces visitors with its own charming beauty. The architecture and decoration of this city represent the harmony between Chinese, Japanese, Vietnamese and French cultures.

Discovering this city in March is an opportunity to immerse yourself in a poetic world animated by multicolored lanterns, yellow “tube” houses and mossy walls. Nothing better than taking walks on the roads full of bright lanterns in a pleasant and temperate atmosphere without risk of rain.

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Nha Trang

Weather in Vietnam in March

The month of March is favorable to offer you seaside stays in Nha Trang, “tropical paradise of Vietnam”. Ranked in the list of the most beautiful beaches in Southeast Asia, Nha Trang relieves the soul of travelers with its expanses of white sand, clear water, warm atmosphere and sunshine in March.

Besides the great natural treasure, you are certainly captivated by many nautical, artistic and cultural activities. After moments of rest or swimming, you can practice interesting water sports such as jet skiing, diving, snorkeling …

Mui Ne

Weather in Vietnam in March

Mui Ne is a famous and charming seaside resort in Southern Vietnam. This destination captivates travelers with its beaches as far as the eye can see, its emerald water and its red and yellow sand dunes resembling the Sahara Desert beside the sea. A spectacular scene make Mui Ne one of best places to visit in Vietnam in March.

Traveling to Mui Ne in March is an opportunity to discover two different types of landscapes in a few steps. You can discover the sand dunes on foot. On the other side, you can spend happy moments with swimming, interesting water activities …

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Best places to visit in Vietnam in March

Looking for an exotic destination in March? Come enjoy spring freshness in the Central Highlands, known for their “gong culture”, for their basaltic lands and their beautiful waterfalls.

Discover it in March, do not miss the contemplation of white coffee flowers that are a “specialty” in the Highlands, especially in Dak Lak, the city of coffee. This is an opportunity to experience one of the most important festivities on the Highlands, the elephant race.

Ho Chi Minh City

Ben Thanh market

Formerly “the pearl of the Far East”, Ho Chi Minh City is a must in Vietnam to discover the ancient dynamic city full of character. If Hanoi evokes the tranquil beauty of a millennial capital of history, Ho Chi Minh City brings a lively but harmonious appearance between the West and the East.

In March, Ho Chi Minh City enjoys a pleasant atmosphere without the risk of rain. This is a good time to discover the sites of the city such as the Central Post Office, the Cathedral of Notre Dame, the market of Ben Thanh … and its surroundings as tunnels Cu Chi.

Mekong Delta

Best places to visit in Vietnam in March

In the extreme South of Vietnam, the Mekong Delta is an ideal world for those wishing to escape urban turmoil. The Mekong Delta is popular for its fascinating river trade, astonishing coconut production and the strong presence of Khmer culture.

This mid-aquatic and mid-aquatic region is a recommended destination during your trip to Vietnam in March. In arriving there, you will have the opportunity to discover a green and peaceful ground, where are mixed channels, arroyos, coconuts, rice fields, houses, floating markets and orchards.

Phu Quoc

Weather in Vietnam in March Instagram@n.yuki222

If you are looking for a mythical island for your trip to Vietnam in March, do not miss the island of Phu Quoc, the emerald pearl of Vietnam. In March, the sky and the sea intertwine giving an extremely sublime landscape.

With crystal-clear turquoise water, spectacular sunsets, lush rain forest and especially white sand, Phu Quoc Island is the perfect place to escape from everyday life and recharge your batteries.

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Weather in Vietnam in March

In the North, March is considered a transition period. It is cool, between 18 and 23 degrees. At that time, northern weather in Vietnam in March is experiencing mild weather with fog, morning drizzle, but without the risk of rain.

On the other hand, the region of the center benefits from a beautiful sunshine with a pleasant temperature between 25 – 30 degrees. In spite of the rather frequent rains, you still benefit from beautiful days for the visits and stay seaside.

Speaking of weather in Vietnam in March, the Southern temperature is quite high between 27 – 37 degrees, with little rain and high humidity. Win raincoats and sunscreen to promote your trip at this time.

Last words

Despite the weather difference between 3 regions, March is considered a good season to discover Vietnam thanks to its temperate weather and pleasant temperature. If you have trouble choosing which destinations to visit, then take our suggestion of best places to visit in Vietnam in March and start your trip today.

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