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When is the best time to visit Vietnam and Cambodia?

When is the best time to visit Vietnam and Cambodia?

Vietnam – Cambodia, when to go? Or when is the best time to visit Vietnam and Cambodia? What is the best season to go to Vietnam and Cambodia? These are the questions you often ask before making a Vietnam Cambodia trip. To answer your questions, follow our information that will help you better choose the travel dates.

Why we should plan a combined trip to Vietnam – Cambodia?

best time to visit vietnam and cambodia

A Vietnam Cambodia trip is a good formula which allows you to discover both beautiful countries. They once formed part of the lands of Indochina, dominated by French colonization. As Cambodia shares the border with Vietnam, you can easily reach Phnom Penh or Siem Reap from Vietnam by land, air or river (up the Mekong from the Mekong Delta).

Due to this geographical proximity, a trip to Vietnam is often combined with an extension to Cambodia. For a successful Vietnam – Cambodia trip, we give you a summary of the weather and then you will know what is the best time to visit Vietnam and Cambodia.

Things to know about the weather in Vietnam and Cambodia for the first time visit

We take this opportunity to give you general information on the weather in Vietnam and Cambodia. This could add up your knowledge of the weather in these two countries to answer the questions “Vietnam – Cambodia, when to go?” “Or” When is the best time to visit Vietnam and Cambodia? “

1. Weather in Vietnam

best time to visit vietnam and cambodia

Subject to the tropical climate, Vietnam has the typical characteristics with a high average temperature (> 21 degrees), abundant precipitation (1500-2000 mm / year) and high humidity (> 80%). It is characterized by heat, humidity and monsoons.

On the other hand, as the country extends over more than 2000 km from North to South, it experiences different types of weather depending on the regions of the country (North, Center, South). When one area is sunny, the other may be cloudy or humid.

The North region: A year is divided into 4 seasons: spring (February, March, April), summer (May, June, July), autumn (August, September, October) and winter (November, December, January).

The Center region: 4 seasons as in the North.

The Southern region: it has two seasons in one year; the dry season and the rainy season.

The dry season is from November until the end of April. The rainy season begins in May and ends in late October. For the South, it’s hot all year round. By cons, in the rainy season, it rains more often, especially at the end of the day but it is rather quick showers.

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2. Cambodia weather


Like Vietnam, Cambodia is a country in Southeast Asia overlooking the Gulf of Thailand, located in the heart of the Indochinese peninsula and subject to the tropical climate.

Cambodia’s weather is similar to that of South Vietnam with its two distinct seasons, marked by two monsoons (monsoon of the southwest and northeast). The rainy season lasts from May to October with intense but short rains while the dry season from November to April brings little rain and pleasant weather.

Whatever the weather, Vietnam and Cambodia, two countries in Southeast Asia wearing their own charming coats, always captivate the hearts of travelers with their dazzling and distinctive landscapes as well as their original and typical culture.

The best time to travel to Vietnam and Cambodia in details

Vietnam Cambodia

To have a general view on the weather in Vietnam and Cambodia, you can consult the following instruction. It contains details of the weather in two countries by month, which will help you find the best season to visit Vietnam and Cambodia. By reading on, you will find that the best times to visit Vietnam and Cambodia are from October to December and from February to April.

1. From January to April

In Vietnam

Hanoi winter

The North: It’s spring when it’s cool, neither hot nor cold. On the other hand, it is wet with drizzle in February but without the risk of rain. However, in the high mountains, the weather is sometimes cloudy.

The Center: The weather is often sunny but not hot, with an average temperature of 21 to 33 degrees. It sometimes rains but it does not hinder discoveries at the Center.

The South: These months are in the dry season where it is always sunny and without the risk of rain. During this period, you benefit from good conditions for exploring the South.

* Please note: The period is at the peak of the tourism season where a large number of travelers flood to Vietnam. Try to make reservations in advance for quality services.

What to visit and what to do?

During this period, you can come to the North to discover all its charm: Hanoi, Halong Bay, Halong Bay on land of Ninh Binh… Do not miss the high mountains of the North where the rice terraces are green in March and in April. A thorough discovery of the high mountains should be taken into consideration in February and early.

The unique access to the cave by boat

Coming to the Center, as the weather is very nice this season, you can discover all its sites without any discomfort: hikes to Phong Nha Park, visits to the cultural-historical monuments of the ancient capital of Hue; the bike ride around Hue and the walk to explore the old town Hoi An. The beaches of Hoi An are warm for swimming around mid – April.

The three months from February to April are very lovely for trips to the South. An immersion in the Mekong Delta, a visit to the colonial city of Saigon and a seaside stay on the paradise beach of Phu Quoc will be unmissable activities during your trip to the extreme terrain of the country.

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In Cambodia

Vietnam and Cambodia

Cambodia’s weather during these three months is in the dry season. Like that of South Vietnam, Cambodia soaks up in pleasant, sunny weather, without the risk of rain but not too hot. If you are looking for an answer to “Travel to Vietnam – Cambodia, when to go?” This period is an ideal suggestion.

* Please note: It is also the high season in Cambodia.

What to visit and what to do?

When you get there these three months, do not miss the essentials like Phnom Penh, Siem Reap where the magnificent temples of Angkor and the Tonle Sap lake are located. If you want a destination to disconnect from the urban bustle, a seaside stay in Battambang and Koh Rong is an excellent choice.

2. From October to December

best time to visit vietnam and cambodia

In Vietnam

The North: This period is winter months with dry weather and light sunshine without the risk of rain.

The Center: The risk of rain and floods remains minimal with a mild temperature.

The South: It is sunny without risk of rain.

* Please note: These months are ideal for exploring the North but be prepared for the coldness.

What to visit and what to do?

It’s the perfect time to go exploring in the North, whether it’s an immersion in the enchanting Halong Bay or a hike in the majestic mountains of Sapa, Ha Giang. Despite the minimal influence of the fog, the landscapes of the North at this time are admirable.

These three months are ideal for visiting the Center. A walking tour to visit Hue or Hoian, a boat trip on the Perfume River in Hue, a walk to the Hoian countryside offers interesting experiences.

In this period, the South awaits you with a tour of the colonial city of Saigon, a boat trip through arroyos to immerse yourself in the life of the inhabitants of the Mekong Delta. If you want a seaside holiday, the South is a wonderful option. If the beaches of the North and the Center are not warm enough to enjoy in these months, those of the South, such as Mui Ne, Phu Quoc bring you an unforgettable idleness break.

In Cambodia

If the weather in Vietnam is fine, that of Cambodia is also good to discover the country with an average temperature of 26 degrees, little rain.

* Please note: It is the high season in Cambodia with a large number of tourists who go there and the price goes up as a result.

What to visit and what to do?

Cambodia in these three months is adorned with an irresistible charm. So if you get there at this time, don’t miss exploring the Cambodian capital Phnom Penh, the mysterious temples of Angkor in Siem Reap or Tonle Sap lake and traditional festivals such as the Bon Water Festival Om Touk at Tonle Sap lake…

3. From May to September


And what about July and August? According to the calendar, it is summer in Vietnam and Cambodia where it is hot with bright sun, sometimes with the risk of rain. However, many families still come during this period for their summer vacation.

Golden Gate

In fact, it is hot but bearable in July and August, where fall begins. All over Vietnam, the landscapes are green lush. In the high mountains of the North, the terraced rice fields are green or golden, this is a good opportunity to admire the rice fields in all their beauty.

What to visit and what to do in Vietnam and Cambodia?

If you come to North Vietnam in these months, you will fall in love with its rice terraces, green or endlessly golden, embracing the sides of the mountain. The rice fields sparkling in the sun amidst the magnificent mountains are like a poetic painting created by the talented hands of the painter.

Particularly, this is the best time to visit Vietnam and Cambodia if you are looking for a seaside holiday. Relaxing with the family on the white sandy beach and immersing yourself in a huge peaceful space are interesting experiences.

Some seaside resorts not to be missed in Vietnam and Cambodia

best time to visit vietnam and cambodia

In Vietnam: Cat Ba Island, An Bang Beach, Phu Quoc Island, Mui Ne Beach…

In Cambodia: beaches of Kep, Koh Rong…

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Weather plays an important role in the success of a trip. We hope this article will give you useful information to answer your questions: “Vietnam – Cambodia, when to go?” “Or” What is the best time to visit Vietnam and Cambodia? “.

A successful trip depends on other things. So do not hesitate to send us your request for more useful advice!

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