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Where to Find the Best of Vietnam Cuisine in Hanoi

Where to Find the Best of Vietnam Cuisine in Hanoi

When planning a journey to somewhere, we should try as much food as we can to understand the local culture. Street food is a good option to explore the cuisine, behavioral patterns, and belief. If we want to submerge in Vietnamese’s cuisine, joining the Hanoi street food tour will be a great solution.

No matter how small or big our plan is; we need to know some mouth-watering foods and kinds of food tours in Hanoi at first.

Types of food tours in Hanoi

1. Hanoi Cooking Class Tours

If you are a chef and we would like to “dip one toe” into the Vietnamese cuisine, participating in a cooking class tour will be your selection. Or we just a foodie, hit the local food in this way is also awesome.

An immersive cultural experience at a wet market in Hanoi

When trying out some foods, we might not be sure how local people can make those. There are several cooking class tours around Hanoi, so you can be confused. In this situation, you ought to ask information from the hotel reception or finding some on the Internet.

Cooking Class under professional chef’s instructions

Then, we found some incredible tours such as Join-in Cooking Class in Local Villa with Market Tour, 4-Hour Vietnamese Cooking Class at Hanoi Cooking Centre. The list continues on an extra mile!

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2. Private meal with a local family

To encounter with Hanoi street food, receiving a dinner invitation from a family is a wonderful way. By doing this, we will have experienced an authentic Vietnamese meal and learn other cultural objects.

During the meal, all members of that family will discuss the dish and making conversation about lots of things in life with each other. For travelers, they may learn several Vietnamese dining etiquette and talk about culture simultaneously. To try this type, you could ask desk clerks in the hotel to find and contact some local families.

3. Street Food (walking) tour

With plenty of hawker stalls and private vendors, making Hanoi street food tours is accessible. Walking on the streets or markets to explore the true flavors and quintessential specialties with a food lover is a smart choice.

Street Food in Hanoi

A food guide will meet us in the hotel to discuss what the palate we probably try out. If you are not sure the plan, he or she may recommend you visiting Hanoi street food in Old Quarter, Private Hanoi Street Food Tour with Mr.Ha, Hanoi City Street Food Night Tour by motor-scooter, etc.

4. Night Food Tour on a Scooter

When the sun goes down, do not just enter our hotel room and having a boring snack inside. Instead, take part in a night tour in the balmy weather.

Go with the flow

Under the streetlights, experience the hustle and bustle of the night markets when “chopping something” on the go. You surely can try many delicacies and buy some special local food in shops.

Finding a food guide is also a tremendous option when we are not sure what to start off on a night tour. There are several Hanoi day tours with learning local foods like Private Hanoi Street Food Walking Tour with Foodies, Hanoi Tasting Tour (Including Great Street Foods), Onetrip Ha Noi Evening Food Tour, Hanoi Nightlife Food Tour By Motorbikes,etc.

5. Street Eats and market tours

If we want to learn more about ingredients in Vietnamese cuisine, this option is wonderful. By doing this way, you can discern, perceive, and study the Hanoi street food with a local chef.

Begin a tour with a Vietnamese chef at the Hanoi Cooking Center, where you possibly watch Hanoi residents do with ingredients and talk over the necessary components with the chef guide as well as local vendors.

Vietnamese cooking class with a market tour is one of the greatest Hanoi street food tours for those who want to go to the market for choosing ingredients and practice the recipes in the kitchen with chefs.

What to eat on a Hanoi Street Food Tour

It’s only reasonable for the food to be the stars of a Hanoi Street Food tour. Are you ready for the savory, delicious Hanoi delicacies?

Pho (Vietnamese noodle)

Today, you completely enjoy Pho in any food stall from 64 provinces of Vietnam and even overseas, but the origin version comes from Hanoi. For more than 50 years, Phở is a wonderful combination of different flavors in a bowl. What makes Pho Hanoi is so amazing?

The iconic Pho Bat Dan

This is the answer: It is the soup preparing carefully by beef bones or chicken ones in water for 20 hours with a heap of ingredients as well as spices.

Best places to try Pho Hanoi:

You surely pick out roadside stalls serving this Hanoi street food, but the best vendors are shortlist such as:

  • Pho Bat Dan (on Bát Đàn Street),
  • Pho Ly Quoc Su – 10 Ly Quoc Su Street
  • Pho Vui (on Hàng Giầy Road),
  • Pho Thin (on Lò Đúc Street)

Bún Thang (rice vermicelli with egg and chicken)

What is “Thang”? This is a special term (“thang thuốc Bắc”) being used in the Chinese and Vietnamese medicine ingredients with a lot of herbs. The recipe has three main toppings (not including the mixture of herbs), but we can add more than that.


This chicken noodle soup initiates from Hanoi and it becomes the Hanoi cuisine’s soul through worldliness and intricacy in cooking. Local residents enjoyed this Hanoi street food during the Tet holiday or a special moment of a year. But today, they can make and relish it whenever they want.

Where to find best Bun Thang:

There are many vendors we ought to select depending on our taste. Mostly, you possibly come to:

  • Bà Đức (on Cầu Gỗ St),
  • Giảng Võ St, Hàng Hành St, and so on.

Ch Cá Lã Vng (Vietnamese style fish with turmeric and drill)

Chả Cá Lã Vọng was being created in the early 1900s when Vietnam was still a French colony. The parent for this dish was the Đoàn who lived at Hang Son Street. This family usually celebrated lots of secret meetings for the army. They made a perfect cover by selling Chả Cá as well as earned money for their family.

The most important ingredient in this dish is Linh fish (Hemibargus). It does not contain more bones and the tender meat makes this fish look like salmon.

You should enjoy Chả Cá Lã Vọng when it is still hot because you can smell all ingredients being dipped into the dipping sauce.

Where to eat it?

Find Chả Cá Lã Vọng in some great restaurants like:

  • Ngư (on Nguyễn Chí Thanh St),
  • Thăng Long (Đường Thành),
  • Lão Ngư (Thái Hà Street),
  • Ân Ngư (Hai Bà Trưng St).

Bánh Cun (Vietnamese steamed rice rolls)

In all of Hanoi day tours, we may hear local people talk about Bánh Cuốn. The origin of this dish is Bánh Cuốn Thanh Trì. Vietnamese ancestors lived in Thanh Tri Ward, Hanoi long ago and they made the rolled cake from the rice. The steamed rice roll was made in 300 BC.

More than two decades passed by, other residents also relished this cake. Today, Bánh Cuốn is among the most common Vietnamese dishes and Hanoi street food in all social classes.

Best places to eat Banh Cuon in Hanoi:

If you want to enjoy the true taste of Bánh Cuốn, then we should come to Old Quarter area with a lot of vendors such as:

  • Bà Hoành (on Tô Hiến Thành St),
  • Thanh Vân (on Hàng Gà St),
  • Phượng (Hàng Cót St),
  • Bà Hanh (Thọ Xương St), 

Bún Riêu Cua (Vietnamese crab noodle soup)

These days, there are plenty of Bún Riêu versions in any province of Vietnam. However, the origin is Bún Riêu Cua. In a bowl, we may see tomatoes, crab meat, pork, and many pieces of tofu.

A feast for the tongue and the eyes

The soup is created from paddy crab paste and it helps the broth so tasty. You ought to feel natural sweetness from our tongues through this dish. Bún Riêu Cua is serving as Hanoi street food or a type of noodle soup that locals usually enjoys at any time.

Where to find the best version of Bun Rieu Cua:

  • Gánh (Hang Bun Street),
  • Chúc Thúy (Mai Hac De Street),
  • Quang Trung (2F Quang Trung St),
  • Hàng Lược (16 Hang Luoc Street),
  • Hàng Bông (75 Hang Bong St)

Bun Cha Hanoi (Rice vermicelli with grilled pork)

Like Phở, Bún Chả originates from Hanoi serving with grilled pork and noodle. Today, it still remains as a popular Vietnamese food with another South version – “Bún Thịt Nướng” Rice vermicelli with BBQ pork). 

Obama and Anthony Bourdain enjoying Bun Cha

Hanoi residents are a little bit picky, so the vermicelli should be soft, thin, and fibrous. Furthermore, the dish needs to be served on a plate or a bowl. “Chả” is made from the pork and it has two styles – Chả Viên (Ground pork) and Chả Miếng (grilled sliced pork).

The best Bun Cha and where to find it

Did you hear Bun Cha Obama? Obama relished Bún Chả in Liên Hương (Le Van Huu Street) when he visited Vietnam in his working term and this image was famous around the world.

Therefore, we do not miss out that vendor when tasting Bún Chả in Hanoi. Moreover, we even go to other similar stalls in Old Quarter like Đắc Kim (Hàng Mành), Cửa Đông, Hàng Tha….

Nem Cua B (crab spring rolls)

Vietnamese spring rolls (Nem Rán) are also popular ones around the world these days. Along with Phở (Vietnamese noodle with beef or chicken tender), Nem Rán is also delicious that foreigners love it. If someone like this dish, then they will want to try another version – Nem Cua Bể.

Photo: Cuon N Roll

Nem Cua Bể is initially serving in Hai Phong Province, it is attractive to anyone who catches the first roll. The dish does not only gratify our taste but also give us a little sunshine from the sea. The recipe is similar to the Nem Ran, but some ingredients are a bit different.

Best places for some Nem:

Hanoi residents recommend us lots of restaurants with this delicious dish and we need to note down:

  • Bùi Thị Xuân St,
  • Ngọc Khánh,
  • Nguyễn Ngọc Vũ,
  • Mai Hắc Đế, Lê Văn Hưu, 

Banh Mi (Vietnamese Sandwich)

Right on top with Pho and Bun Cha at popularity, Banh Mi is a staple in Vietnamese street food. You can literally find and buy this dish in just seconds in Hanoi. With a variety of fillings and herbs to go with the crispy French-inspired sandwich, the dish is really a favorite for those who are keen on fast food style.

While in Hanoi, it’s just essential experience to try out this iconic dish!

Where to find the best Banh Mi:

There are tons of inexpensive stalls (or just hawkers) to try Banh Mi out in Hanoi Old Quarter and we probably have an unforgettable moment when catching the right ones like:

  • Banh Mi 25 (25 Hang Ca Street),
  • Banh Mi Hoi An (98 Hang Bac),
  • Banh Mi Nguyen Sinh (17 Ly Quoc Su)

Recommended Hanoi Cooking Class Itinerary

Begin your trip by visiting a local market and choosing some foods on the menu under the instructions of a professional chef. Visiting a local market is an interesting way to see the local life in full colors and sounds.

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Hang Be Market is one of the best place to select some fresh ingredients and discussing the dishes.

Come back to the cooking class, the chef will help you understand the dishes, how they are made, the concept and how you eat the dishes Vietnam style. 

OR Contact us to get your trip to Vietnam started today!


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