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Mui Ne Vietnam – the mini Sahara beside ocean

Mui Ne Vietnam – the mini Sahara beside ocean

Among top attractive travel destinations in South East Asia, Mui Ne Vietnam is listed as one of the most beautiful beaches for weekenders who indulge themselves into the comforts of sea-side town and succulent seafood. This coastal town locates in Phan Thiet – the capital of Binh Thuan province, approximately 4 hours drive Ho Chi Minh City.

Not very long time ago, Mui Ne was a small and quiet fishing village. Gradually, people discover that this place is a heavenly tropical beach with pleasant weather, ideal for swimming – fishing and diving. In addition, strong sea wind in Mui Ne makes it ideal for kite and wind surfing. Follow us to walk around this town and have blast. Let get started!

Top things to do in Mui Ne Vietnam

A lots of places in Mui Ne attract tourists such as the fantastic sand dunes, Fairy Springs (Suoi Tien) – a stream with special pink water color, Fish Sauce Plants where famous Phan Thiet fish sauce (nuoc mam) is produced and sold all over Vietnam, Takou Mountain with beautiful tropical rainforest and an old pagoda on top, Cham Tower – a relic of Cham culture built in the 8th century. All should not be missed!

1. Witness the giant White and Red Sand Dunes

Sand Dunes Mui Ne

There are two type of Mui Ne dunes, recognized by their colors under the sun: the white sand dunes and the red sand dunes. The white sand dunes Mui Ne are huge hills of white sand, constantly change the form by the ever-changing winds. The scene is dramatic like what you can see on movie about Sahara dessert, especially in the moment of sunrise or sunset.

Here, it is fun to take iconic style picture of your group jumping up and down on the top of the hills. Almost every tourist coming to Mui Ne would take at least 1 shoot flying on air.

Mui Ne Vietnam

Or, if you are tired of moving on your own, rent a quad bike for 30 minutes or an hour and speed up like a super hero.

Mui Ne sand Dunes

The red dunes attract tourists by different kind of fun. Young couple or families with young kids will enjoy the chance to fling themselves down the slop and laugh. Slide down a few round and once you feel you have to catch your breath when struggling to climb up. Then sit down and enjoy the cool sea breeze.

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2.Soak up the sea and the sun

Mui Ne Phan Thiet

The long golden beach stretching 10km is such a precious gift of nature with spectacular landscape. The turquoise waters and white sand are sparkling under the sun. Be blessed by the ideal weather all year round, feel free to try some water sports, absorb the sunshine on the pristine beach or enjoy a cup of cold coconut while seeing the sun slowly goes down the sea. Romantic couples often spend time going for a dip in a secluded sea beach or walk hand in in along the palm tree line.

3.Challenge yourself with kite surfing

Mui Ne Vietnam

Mui Ne is a kite surfer’s paradise because on average it has over 200 days a year with winds of more than 12 knots. The best time to fly on the sea is October to the end of March every year when the wind become much stronger and more consistent, regularly from 12- high 30 knots on average.  Do not hesitate to try kite surfing, it will bring many exhilarating moments to your peaceful holiday.

Mui Ne Vietnam

For the beginner, it sounds a good idea to take a short lesson to familiarize yourself to the rule and technique. Some schools offer full equipment if you take the course there. Mornings are usually the best time for the kitesurfing lessons as the wind tends to be much lighter. The main beach has also the safest conditions for the kitesurfing lessons because of its central location. If you are confident enough, you can try other locations such as Malibu, the turtle island or the Harbor Wall.

While most of the kite surfers in Mui Ne find real fun experiences during peak season but be careful when the beach is getting crowded, people may crash into others sometimes.

4.Dive down to the sea bed

Mui Ne Vietnam

If you miss the kite surfing season, luckily you have the another season to dive is from March to October. It is chance to see the mystic sea bed at close distance. With a registered supplier, you will be equipped with professional equipment like diving clothes, eyeglasses, snorkel…

Some information to take note: The maximum depth is to 30 meters – Water temperature is around 25-29°C – Visibility up to 20 meters

The underwater life is abundant, including colorful corals, squid, octopus, cuttlefish, puffers, eels and fishes-clowns. Found big fish – manta rays and barracudas.

5.Climb up the mountain and walk down the stream

Ta Cu Mui Ne

If you have more than a few days in Mui Ne and want to explore something other than the sand and the sea, do not worry, Mui Ne has more to offer. Be free to choose the Ta Cu mountain or Fairy stream, or maybe both.

Ta Cu Mountain is about 30 km South East of Phan Thiet City, one hour’s drive from Mui Ne. Tourists often choose to hike through beautiful tropical rain forest to reach the Mountain Pagoda at the peak. The 4.5 hour to go up this mountain could be a little strenuous but the open view from the top will be rewarding. Cable car is another option available for whom who just want to have leisure sightseeing. The pagoda was built in 1879 at the height of nearly 460 meters above the sea level. The pagoda with zen atmosphere seduces thousands of visitors every year.

Another interesting site to consider is the Fairy stream which resembles a small version of the Grand Canyon. For the most part, the stream is about ankle-deep and visitors are encouraged to take off their shoes and walk bare feet. This is quite reasonable when you see the red mud on arrival.  The Fairy Stream does not have a strong flow so it is comfortable to feel the softness of the sand under and the cool water washing over your feet.

Mui ne Vietnam

Along your expedition, your eyes will be treated with a colors and shapes. There are multiple bursts of whites, reds, pinks, and oranges rocks like a “out of this earth” place. A mesmerizing scene for photographers.

6.Pay visit to local Cham tower

Mui Ne Thap Cham

Located 7 kilometers to the Northeast of Phan Thiet City, the Po Shanu Cham Towers were built to worship Hindu Lord Shiva, Agni and Nandi.  These towers are relics of the Cham culture that once flourished in this region. Built 1,200 years ago, the tower was considered together as important cultural landmarks of the ancient Champa Kingdom with Po Dam Towers and My Son Sanctuary.

Until now, every year, the ethnic Cham community visits the temple for religious rituals such as praying for Rain while local fishermen pray for safety before they sail.

7.Buy some fresh catches at local markets

Mui Ne Vietnam

The wet market is the best way to observe the local daily life. Here you have chance to see what people buy to prepare for their meals, the way they behave to others, the trading custom… Best time to visit is early in the morning when everything is still fresh and vibrant.

Local market

The smell may be unpleasant at first but you will soon get used to it. Beside vegetable and meat, there are some stalls you will see selling delicious fish noodles, seafood and fried shrimp rolls. Don’t forget to try the fish sauce, nuoc mam Phan Thiet. It is not a bad idea to grab a quick bite here before you start your fun day.

8.Enjoy chill time at seaside restaurant and bar

Mui Ne Vietnam

There are plenty of roadside snacks, or deluxe options, depending on your preference. The most typical way to enjoy your time is having grilled seafood with a cold beer at a restaurant overlooking the white sand beach. If seafood is not your thing, there are plenty of restaurants serving local cuisine that you may want to check out. Famous dishes can be named such as banh quai vac (Shrimp steam cake) or some kind of hot pot.

Mui Ne Vietnam

International restaurants are also seen everywhere since the large numbers of foreigner tourists, especially Russian. English and Russian menus are common in most restaurants.

9.Unwind at a beachfront bungalow

Mui Ne Vietnam

Most of the accommodation and restaurants stretch over a 10-kilometre along the coastal road named Nguyen Dinh Chieu Street. Accommodation is either ocean front or across the road from it.

You can find from luxury accommodation as well as guest houses, backpacker hostels, restaurants, bars, shops and cafes. In general standard, the centrally located resorts offers quite pleasant holiday: a nice and comfortable room with sea view or pool view, outdoor pool and easy access to hundreds of restaurants just few meters out of the hotel gate.

Mui Ne Vietnam

You also can find some luxury villa with private pool and golf course. It is fair to say that the standard of accommodation here meets almost every type of demand. However, in the high season, the good rooms often were fully booked by long stay guests. So make sure that you have enough preparation for your vacation.

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How To Get To Mui Ne And Phan Thiet

It’s quite easy to get to Mui Ne / Phan Thiet from Saigon (Ho Chi Minh City). Tourists often opt for 3 means of transport:

By train

On average, it takes 4.5 hours to get to Mui Ne.  The train departed at 6.40am from Ho Chi Minh city and arrives at Muong Man station (14km away from Phan Thiet city center) at 11.10am.

Although the journey was comfortable with free bottled water, cold towel and even a food cart that comes along the aisles in case you may want to buy something to eat, you still have to take a taxi from station to your resort or a bus ticket from the station to Mui Ne organized by train company for 1-2 USD per person. The regular seats are a bit cramped for the Western-sized body.

In addition, the early departure time may not be preferred by lazy tourists who just want to enjoy their leisure.

By bus

Mui ne Vietnam

You will stay on the bust at least 5 hours if choosing to travel by bus from ho Chi minh city to Mui Ne. The open buses offer more flexibility in schedule. There are many departures between 07:30 and 09:00 from Ho Chi Minh city. Via versa, buses typically depart from Mui Ne around either 14:00.

Things often goes smoothly the way from Ho Chi Minh city to Mui Ne but in the reversed way, you may be hold back in the standstill traffic for a few hours. And it also causes confuse when choosing a reliable bus company. Not mention to the case you forget your luggage and the bus staff cannot speak English well enough.

Go with a reliable agent

Mui Ne Vietnam

There are plenty of benefits when you use a useful agent, you can choose your own departure time, take advantage of their contract hotel rates and are accompanied with a private tour guide and driver. Indochina Trends frequently gets very attractive deals from suppliers in Mui Ne which makes us a good choice for tourists.

Best time to visit Mui Ne Vietnam

Mui Ne Vietnam

The weather in Mui Ne is fine almost very month in a year. However, if you want to know the most perfect timing for your holiday, let schedule your trip from November to March, when skies are sunny but not too hot. For anyone who do not like to crowd, avoid visiting Mui Ne in the summer time from May to August because this is time local Vietnamese go on their beach holiday with families and children.

Final words

Mui Ne is full of natural beautiful sites from dessert to ocean, mountain to stream. One may never be bored with full length of outdoor activities everyday. It is hard to choose between flying across the waves or diving under the sea, hiking mountain or gently scrubbing your feet in the pink fairy stream. If you decide to stop dreaming and start planning for your sunny days in Mui Ne Vietnam, Indochina Trends is happy to join in.

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