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Organize a Perfect Trip: Things to Do in Vietnam in April

Organize a Perfect Trip: Things to Do in Vietnam in April

What should I do in Vietnam during the journey in April? This month is not the peak time of traveling to this country, but it is still the best time to relish the sublime landscapes and explore the daily lives of local people. We make this article to help you know things to do in Vietnam April. So you won’t miss any destination during your trip to Vietnam.

What could we visit in Vietnam in April?

Hanoi – the thousand-year-old capital

Hanoi is the capital of Vietnam, which is one of the most incredible sites you should come in April. The local weather is charming and beautiful in harmony between antiquity and modernity. The city is a treasure one of historical and cultural values. Hanoi is also the cradle of Vietnamese gastronomy.

In this city, you may have a chance to taste how great the street foods are. These foods are available on the sidewalks, in food stalls and luxury restaurants. In general, the cherry blossom party is organized in the Ly Thai To flower garden at the beginning of April. You can come here and participate in many activities.

Best time to visit Vietnam in April

Sapa – a city of clouds

Sapa in April has a moderate weather which ranges from 13 to 24 degrees. This is a good time to explore the town in different ways. For example, you ought to trek around the rice terraces. At that time, you take a rest and meet the life of the ethnic groups in their traditional houses.

Best time to visit in VIetnam in April

Ninh Binh – the Halong Bay Land

Ninh Binh has another name is Halong Bay on a land. This is a must-see destination in Vietnam and you should add it to your list “things to do in Vietnam in April”. The province is full of breathtaking landscapes which entice tourists a lot. Coming to Ninh Binh, you will immerse in the extraordinary nature of Tam Coc, the ecological complex of Trang An, and so on. In particular, taking a boat trip to Tam Coc or Trang An will make you have a full painting of the beauty in harmony between the river, sugar loaves and rice fields.

Things to do in VIetnam in APril

Halong Bay – a mythical bay

If you are looking for a site in the North during your April trip in Vietnam, Halong Bay will be a tremendous option. This is a world heritage recognized by UNESCO, which has emerald water and thousands of sugar loaves in different forms.

In this legendary bay, you might escape the urban bustle and reach out a peaceful atmosphere. At this site, do not skip some outdoor activities like swimming, squid fishing, and kayaking. Enjoy the spectacular sunrise and sunset over a huge aquatic surface, bring your lovers or friends to have romantic moments.

Halong Bay also has a fishing village that tourists can come. At this site, you will find out that locals still apply traditional fishing techniques – using their nets to catch fishes and conventionally feed small fishes. In April, you can attend the lively festival which contains something new to explore. Halong Bay is a divine landscape! Add Halong Bay in your travel plan “things to do in Vietnam in April”.

Best things to do in Vietnam in April

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Hue – an ancient capital of Vietnam

Hue was a capital of Vietnam, so the city has many local culture styles. There is no doubt that this is a treasure of Vietnamese culture. In April, Hue has colorful and splendid image.

At this time, you can take part in several interesting activities like the annual Hue Festival. After discovering the city, you need to bask in the sun on the Lang Co beaches. It is peaceful and relaxed to forget unhappy problems in our lives. Hue is the best places to visit in Vietnam in April.

Best destinations to travel in Vietnam in April

Hoi An – the city of lanterns

April is a tremendous time to travel to Hoi An. This is also an ancient town with nice sightseeing and rich in culture. As a city of lanterns in North Vietnam, Hoi An has old mossy-walked houses, charm atmosphere, and multicolored lanterns.

Soak up a harmonious combination of culture between Chinese, Japanese, and Vietnamese. Take a bike and ride around the old quarter; you could relax on the white sand and having photos in the turquoise water beaches. Hoi An is always ideal choice in the list of things to do in Vietnam in April.

Where are the best things to do in VIetnam

Nha Trang – a city with magnificent seaside resorts

If you want to see how marvelous resorts are in Vietnam, Nha Trang is a great choice. Resorts allow you to own an unforgettable vacation in April or other months. With sandy beaches and emerald water, Nha Trang is a top-notch city to check-in for vacationers and locals. During April’s journey, the Thap Ba Festival is a lively event to explore the local culture. It is organized once a year in the Tour Ponagar Cham from the 21st to the 23rd of the third lunar month.

Best destinations in Vietnam in April

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Ho Chi Minh City – a dynamic city in South Vietnam

Ho Chi Minh City (HCMC) is a must-see destination in South Vietnam as this is one of the most dynamic cities in Vietnam. With its colonial heritage and its Vietnamese culture beauty, HCMC has a lot of historical sites and cultural spots like the Cu Chi Tunnels, Reunification Palace, etc.

Moreover, this is a place of several cuisines from Vietnamese sandwiches to spring rolls. HCMC also has another local name – Saigon. Along with “Pho” (Vietnamese noodles), there are many specialties to try such as “Banh Khot” (Mini savory pancake with shrimp) and “Com Tam” (broken rice with grilled pork).

Things to do in Vietnam

Phu Quoc – a paradise island

April is a great time to take a vacation in Phu Quoc. This is a paradise island to run the heat away and overloaded offices. Phu Quoc has white sand, crystal water beaches, and blue skies. When you get there, you possibly take a rest on the beaches and see the shade of coconut trees. Pearl oysters and fish sauce are two famous specialties in Phu Quoc. You can contemplate attractive landscapes at sunrise and sunset.

When are the best times to travel to Vietnam

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Vietnam weather in April

  • In the North, April is the time to enjoy a pleasant climate because the average temperature ranges from 15 to 25 degrees. Rainy days are also available during the month.
  • In the Central, April has strong sunshine days with high temperatures. Sometimes, the temperature reaches 35 degrees. Thus, you should wear sunglasses with well-ventilated clothes and use sunscreen when get going outside.
  • In the South, April is the month of the dry season. The temperature is between 26 and 38 degrees. It is essential to prepare suitable outfits such as big and wide hats, highly SPF sunscreen, sunglasses, etc. Frequent rains also occur in the evening.

Final Words

General speaking, April is still a good time to take a vacation to Vietnam. Before starting your journey, you should read some pieces of practical information about the destinations and weather in three regions. Then, you need to make a list of things to do in Vietnam in April.

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