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Practical Guide to the Paradise Island: Top 10 Phu Quoc Beaches

Practical Guide to the Paradise Island: Top 10 Phu Quoc Beaches

Have you always dreamed of bathing or deep into crystal water on the beach? You often find some destinations but you still do not find the right one. Today, we would like to recommend you a tourist excursion that will not waste time to come. Go to Phu Quoc Island – the South of Vietnam! Here are the top 10 Phu Quoc beaches to come across. 

General information about Phu Quoc Island

Located in the Gulf of Thailand, Phu Quoc is the largest and most beautiful island in Vietnam. It is also known as the Pearl Island of Vietnamese tourism because of its incredible sites.

This emerald island is also listed as World Heritage by UNESCO because it has a blue sea, romantic sunsets, and pristine beaches. With a serene atmosphere, Phu Quoc is truly a great place of rest and a suitable option for vacations. Tourists can escape the hectic city life in a couple of days.

Best beaches in Phu Quoc

Phu Quoc has many beaches with warm, calm, and clear water; combined with little cafes and night bars. You may also enjoy colorful lanterns and lively bonfires after dark.

Moreover, if you do not like the crowd, you probably find several deserted Phu Quoc beaches and quiet places. Whatever the style you like, it is easy to explore something in this paradise island.

In addition to maritime activities, visitors will also discover others such as traditional fishing villages, Buddhist temples and pagodas, picturesque waterfalls, greatly night markets, and tasty seafood. Beaches in Phu Quoc are certainly a must-stop during your trip to Vietnam.

10 most beautiful beaches in Phu Quoc Island

Below is the list of 10 Phu Quoc beaches for a dream seaside.

Truong Beach

Stretching nearly 20 kilometers along the Southwest coast of Phu Quoc, Truong Beach (also called Longue Beach) is the longest beach on this island. Truong Beach is also a famous and popular one for travelers in Phu Quoc. Most of the hotels, bars, nightclubs, and restaurants are located.

Nonetheless, the beach still retains its natural beauty unspoiled by the nice sand, with rows of lush coconut palms and clear water. Furthermore, Truong Beach is ideal for enjoying marvelous sunsets and lively nightlives in night bars. Although it is truly the most popular beach on the island and its large size, you will usually find a place for you.

Beache in Phu Quoc

Dai Beach (Long Beach)

Dai Beach located on the Northwest coast of Phu Quoc and behind Vung Tau Beach. The beach is ideal for everyone who wants to enjoy fine white sand and turquoise water. The water level is pretty shallow, so kids also can play a water sport. In recent years, the infrastructure system in Phu Quoc has grown rapidly like the construction of the Vingroup Group that spreads almost the whole province. The mega-complex includes theme parks, water parks, a huge casino, a golf course, safaris, hotels, and luxury villas. There are many pieces of Roman architecture surrounding in the resorts.  

Best beaches in Phu Quoc

Sao Beach

Sao Beach is also named Star Beach, considered one of the greatest beaches in Phu Quoc. Located on the Southeast coast of the island in a beautiful bay, it could be visited by a lot of day trips. You are able to take a tourist bus, a taxi or get there by motorbike yourself.With snow-white, fine sand, and crystal water, the beach has lush palm trees and soft waves. Therefore, there is no doubt that Sao Beach is also the best beaches in Phu Quoc.

Beautiful beach in Phu Quoc

Khem Beach

Located near Sao Beach and towards the An Thoi Village, Khem Beach is also a nice beach bordered by the green jungle and white sand. It was controlled by the military, but now Khem Beach opens to the tourist. Nevertheless, the most beautiful parts belong to Marriott Emerald Bay Resort. Hotel guests can relish it only. Coming to this beach, you can discover its quiet fishing villages and join in amazing outdoor activities like night squid fishing, kayaking, and go fishing.

Phu Quoc's beach

Ganh Dau Beach

Ganh Dau Beach is at the Northwest tip of Phu Quoc and it is located in a village with a similar name. The discovery of the fishing village is really worth for travelers. This is because they ought to learn the authentic local culture. This beach is also a dream paradise with palm trees, smooth clouds, white sand, and shallow water. Relax in the shade of trees and taste local dishes – a charming moment in our lives!

Ganh Dau Beach in Phu Quoc Island

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Thom Beach

Thom Beach located far from the center (about 35 kilometers from the Duong Dong Village – the Northeast of Phu Quoc Island). This beach is secluded, calm, and wild. Besides the sparsely populated beach, it has local fruits and cashews. It does not a decent place for visiting and taking photos but also swimming. The water level is shallow with lots of reefs. Moreover, travelers can participate in fishing activities with local people. Then, they ought to try seafood caught by them. At present, Thom is still an unknown beach in Phu Quoc Island, but this is a worth visit.

Thom Beach in Phu Quoc Island

Rach Vem, Rach Tram District

Located in North of Phu Quoc Island, two secluded beaches are rustic fishing villages. Although these beaches are picturesque, they are covered by a thick tropical jungle. Therefore, this destination is not a popular beach for tourists because of their remoteness. However, the site is peaceful and outstanding that you can relax at your leisure time. These Phu Quoc beaches are still one of the few remaining pristine areas with homes for Cambodians. They crossed the maritime border and lived there for a while.  

Beaches in Phu Quoc

Cua Can

Cua Can Beach is on the West Coast of Phu Quoc Island and it is about an hour and a half of the Duong Dong downtown. The rough sea is on a side and the calm river on the other. This beach is beautiful, isolated, private, and natural. Because it is located on the Cua River, this is rare river of Phu Quoc Island, flowing into the Thailand Gulf. The beach creates a long bar of sand and bordered by casuarina trees. Thus, the beach is a pristine painting in general.

Best beaches in Phu Quoc

Ong Lang

If you would like to relish a beach similar to Sao Beach but it is less crowded, you will head to Ong Lang Beach. Located on the West Coast of Phu Quoc, a few kilometers of the Sao Beach North, this is also a tremendous beach with a warm and quiet atmosphere. Along going around the bank, you should watch spectacular sunsets. Ong Lang Beach is also the best Phu Quoc beaches to visit.

Phu Quoc's beach

Vung Bau

Vung Bau is a great beach for those who want to stay on a beach themselves. Just spending 15 minutes to drive by motorbike (from Cua Can Beach), Vung Bau is a nice one with a natural location to catch.

The sand is really white and the water is clear and aquamarine. In the low season, it should not be recommended for swimming as strong currents may appear there. The beach is also less developed. So, make sure that you have water, food, and other supplies if you come there for a few days.

Vung Bau Beach in Phu Quoc

When could we go to the Phu Quoc Beaches?

Like other provinces and cities in South Vietnam, Phu Quoc has two seasons only. The dry season happens from late November to early April while the wet one occurs late October from May.

During the wet season, waterfalls are nice and this is a good time for quiet tourists. Service prices are reasonable, so you can save a lot in this low-tourist season. However, you should bring raincoats or umbrellas at this time.

Rains come to the city a lot. In the dry season, the weather is so hot and dry. The sea is really clear and calm. You probably catch the tropical images easily. The dry season is also the peak tourist period, all prices are high. Phu Quoc beaches are also much more crowded.

Best beaches in Phu Quoc

How to get to Phu Quoc Beaches?

There are various transports to get to the best beaches in Phu Quoc. Some people choose the plane while others book tickets from speed boats from Ha Tien and Rach Gia. If your starting point is Saigon, Hanoi, Da Nang, Haiphong or Can Tho; you will prefer the plane. If your point is other provinces of Southwest provinces, try the latter.  

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By plane

This is the fastest way as there are three airlines operating direct flights to Phu Quoc. Vietnam Airlines (flights from Hanoi, Saigon, and Can Tho), Vietjet Air (flights from Hanoi, Saigon, and Hai Phong), and Jetstar Pacific (from Hanoi and Saigon) are three main airlines. Phu Quoc Airport is close to Duong Dong Town – the center of the island, so you can take a taxi to the hotel. If you are traveling beyond Rach Gia or the Mekong Delta region, air travel is still a good option.

Travel to Phu Quoc

By speed boat

In case you plan to go to Phu Quoc after visiting the Mekong Delta, it would be better to take either the speed boat from Ha Tien or Rach Gia. Find the Can Tho-Phu Quoc flight.

If your journey ends in Can Tho City, you will have two options – take a direct flight from Can Tho to Phu Quoc and take a taxi to Rach Gia station and sit on the speed boat.

In case your tour ends at Chau Doc, you can reach to Ha Tien by a taxi or a private car. Then, you buy tickets for the speed boat to Phu Quoc. Superdong is the only service company providing fast boats from Ha Tien and Rach Gia to Phu Quoc.

  • Rach Gia – Phu Quoc boat (120 km or 2h30): 330,000 VND per ticket
  • Ha Tien – Phu Quoc boat (45 km or 1h20): 330,000 VND per ticket

Please keep in mind that those who are seasick, speed boats are not recommended.

Final Words

You have already read our practical information with the list of 10 Phu Quoc beaches. With our guide, we hope that you ought to select your beaches and relish your trip on this island.

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