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Vietnam in August – Practical Information and Best Destinations to Visit

Vietnam in August – Practical Information and Best Destinations to Visit

Are you planning to visit Vietnam this August? As a tropical country, summer in Vietnam has specific features attracting millions of tourists each year. In spite of the rain in some areas, August remains one of the best months to visit Vietnam. During the summertime, the weather is sunny and cool enough.

Visiting Vietnam in August also has two main important advantages. It is less crowded and the traveling price is more reasonable than during the high tourist seasons (from March to May and from September to November). This is why many visitors choose from August to visit Vietnam. Here is some useful information on Vietnam’s weather in August as well as the 7 best destinations to visit in Vietnam during this period.

7 best destinations to visit in Vietnam in August

Hanoi – Capital of Vietnam

Vietnam in August

Hanoi became the inspiration for a bundle of wonderful Vietnamese songs and poems because of its romantic beauty. August is the month of autumn rings in Vietnam’s capital, where the city has its elegant coat in every corner. Coming to Hanoi during this period, we will have an opportunity to enjoy a perfect image – leaves turn yellow. We also smell the scent of Alstonia (“Hoa Sua”) with young sticky rice – a local food called “Com”. These two smells can spread in any old street in Hanoi.

Vietnam in August

Moreover, visitors may see the bride and groom wearing traditional wedding costumes in their wedding photos. Old Quarter, the Opera House, a lot of cathedrals, and other romantic routes – Kim Ma, Thanh Nien, and Xuan Dieu are good places to discover these beautiful photos. All these bring to the city a poetic beauty that never ceases to the hearts of locals and visitors.

Halong Bay – UNESCO World Heritage

Heading north from Vietnam, Halong Bay – a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is still a must-see destination for international visitors, whatever the weather. Indeed, your vacation will become a memorable experience with its majestic bay, emerald waters, and mysterious limestone caves.

Vietnam in August

August is the warmest and wettest month of the year in the Bay. During this time, there are several benefits to visit Halong Bay. The Bay has fewer tourists and the service costs are not high. August is the low tourist season, so it is great for those who prefer a peaceful atmosphere with a tight budget.

During this month, the destination could be considered the most suitable place to run the heat of the sun away, while dipping into nature and relishing the mesmerizing beauty. You can swim in the emerald green waters, on the other hand, exploring extraordinary landscapes, taste the delicious seafood, and taking part in outdoor activities like cooking classes and kayaking.

There is no doubt that Halong Bay is one of the most alluring natural sites in the world.

Hoi An – Pretty old town

Vietnam in August

Located 30 kilometers from Da Nang and on the banks of the Thu Bon River, Hoi An is also accredited by UNESCO as a world heritage site. This ancient city is famous for its harmonious blend of French colonial buildings, Chinese wooden houses, Vietnamese traditional houses, and delightful streets with many brightly colored lanterns.

If you are passionate about culture and history, you can stay in the heart of Hoi An. In addition to its nice beaches, Hoi An has many historical and cultural attractions such as the Japanese Bridge, Tan Ky’s House, Duc An’s House, the Tran Family Chapel, and other ancient sites. We ought to visit well-qualified sewing shops, traditional food stalls, and select souvenirs or antique pieces in small shops.

Quang Binh – Land of magnificent caves

Although Quang Binh is a narrow province in central Vietnam, it has many beautiful places to visit. All the caves are quite dangerous but these are wonderful to enjoy.

Vietnam in August

Marvelous beaches and spectacular mountains make Quang Binh is a heaven on Earth. In August, we can come here to discover Phong Nha-Ke Bang. This is a national park with the longest cave in Asia. Tourists can also explore Dong Hoi Temple, built by the Minh Mang emperor. The Van La tunnel was created in 1966 to avoid American bombing. Today, it is a tremendous site to learn local history.

Nha Trang – Vietnam’s dream seaside resorts

Located in the central part of Vietnam, Nha Trang is considered the pearl on the crown of the ocean queen. With a magnificent natural landscape and excellent services, Nha Trang is always an incredible place to come.

Vietnam in August

Above all, this seaside town is one of the best places to spend a good journey in Vietnam in August thanks to a great climate with a high number of hours of sunshine. Beautiful white sand beaches and trendy water sports as well as the diversity of fresh and delicious seafood await you!

Nha Trang provides many interesting activities such as surfing, scuba diving, water sports, historical sites, mud baths, hiking, golf courses, dynamic nightlife, and boat trips. Tourists also love Nha Trang because the city has delicious local foods like grilled pork rolled in rice paper, swallow’s nest soup, and fresh seafood.

Mui Ne – another paradise to enjoy the summertime

Mui Ne is famous for its long coastal line with white sand, clear water, and endless lines of green coconut palms. In the past, this place was a fishing village and no one knows Mui Ne has a much beautiful nature. Located amidst hills of huge sand, this is a natural terrain with a freshwater lake. Mui Ne is also called the little Sahara Desert.

Vietnam in August

Along with white sand, Mui Ne has many conspicuous places such as Hon Rom beach, fish market, and Cham-Poshanu temple. In addition to sunbathing, we can relish fascinating outdoor activities like scuba diving, windsurfing, and kite surfing. Do not forget to try seafood in Mui Ne during your journey in Mui Ne.

Mekong Delta – The country’s rice granary

August is the rainy season in Mekong Delta, so there will be a high risk of the wet monsoon when coming to this place. However, the rains often occur in the form of afternoon showers and we still go around. Popular attractions will be less crowded at this time and you will choose hotels and cruises with competitive prices.

Biking Mekong

The highlight point of going to Mekong Delta in August is that tourists probably try hundreds of tropical fruits, including pomelo, mangoes, rambutan, and durians. Special smells spread along the countryside will delight you when you take a tour to Can Tho City, Vinh Long and Tien Giang Province.

Vietnam Weather in August

The climate in Vietnam differs between North, Central, and South. The mountainous regions of North and Central Vietnam could also be considered to have their distinctive climate.

The weather in August is hot and humid. The rains still happen during the whole month, especially in the South and North of the country. Nonetheless, the center is pretty dry.

HCMC, as well as Southern provinces, have a rainy season with thunderstorms in the afternoon. In Hanoi, the climate is hot with rains. However, rains come and go quickly. Other provinces in the North have a pleasant climate and sunny days.

In general, temperatures across the country are high, but they are cooler than in June and July. The temperature varies from 27 to 32 degrees in Celsius in Hanoi. It is slightly lower than Da Nang and HCMC (between 24 and 30 degrees). Mountain areas remain cool and rainy, which can drop below 20 degrees at night.

If you are loving beaches, come to Vietnam in August. All beach regions are warm and bright blue in the skies.

Final Words

Here is all the practical information on Vietnam’s weather in August as well as the 7 best places to visit. The answer to the question “What to see in Vietnam in August” is now at your fingertips. All you have to do is select the destinations according to your favorites. In order to prepare your trip to Vietnam, you can consult our best tours in the whole country in the shape of an S letter.

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