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What to buy in Vietnam? Our top 10 recommendations

What to buy in Vietnam? Our top 10 recommendations

Bringing a small piece of the country in which we traveled is a favorite activity when you go on vacation. Whether for yourself or for a loved one, rarely one will leave a destination empty-handed. But the choice is vast and it is sometimes difficult to determine what is worth for bringing back. We would like to list in this article our top 10 recommendations on what to buy in Vietnam.

1.A conical hat

Price: 2 – 3 € / each

Vietnam vendorInstagram @ jinlee1609

If there is a gift to bring back from Vietnam, it is undoubtedly the famous conical hat – Non La in Vietnamese, true emblem of the country. Frequently used in the countryside to protect itself from the sun and the rain, it is made of wood and bamboo stalks then covered with leaves of lataniers. You can get Non La anywhere in the country. In the North, the Chuong village located west of Hanoi own is very famous for the manufacture of these products.

In Hue, you can find slimmer but very elegant models that are more about an artwork than the object of everyday life. Indeed, they are decorated with images or poems that are only revealed under the light of the sun. If you are passing through the city, you can find some at Dong Dong Market or Phu Cam Village, also known as Phuoc Vinh District in the surrounding province. A souvenir of traditional and traditional Vietnam that will bring a touch of exoticism to your interior design.

2. Coffee and / or tea

Coffee price: 1 – 2 € / 100 grams

Price of tea: 2 € / 50 grams

Vietnam is the second largest exporter of coffee after Brazil. Here, you can mainly find Arabica coffee or Robusta. The brewing method and the variety of additives available are also different.

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Introduced by the French during their period of colonization, coffee is a popular drink in Vietnam, and you will find it declined in several forms, such as the “ca phe sua da”, a mixture of black coffee and sweetened condensed milk served on ice cubes, or the famous “egg coffee”, an egg coffee from Hanoi. Developed around 1920 during the Indochina War, eggs replaced the cappuccino milk which was a rare commodity. This drink is now very popular in Hanoi.

Robusta coffee is very popular for its caramelized and chocolatey touch, it is easy to buy all over the country at a very reasonable cost. Count between € 1 and € 2 per 100 grams, and € 1 per individual coffeemaker to perfect the panoply of the perfect gift to bring back from Vietnam.

What to buy in Vietnam

For those who prefer tea, you can opt for different types that are not often found in your country, such as lotus tea, the most emblematic of the country, or chrysanthemum tea for example. You’ll also find classic green tea, or bolder flavors like jasmine or artichoke tea. Vietnam is the world’s 5th largest tea producer, so it’s easy to get it, whether it’s loose or nicely packaged.

3. Spices

Price: 1 – 5 €

Vietnam spcies

If you do not know what to buy in Vietnam, think of spices. They will certainly be an original and useful gift. The most popular spices used in Vietnamese cuisine are star anise, cinnamon, cloves, coriander seeds, cardamom, ginger, garlic and lemongrass. You will be able to find them easily in all the markets of the country

4. Lacquer

Price: from 5 €

Souvenir Vietnam© Photo Art Saigon

If you want to bring back a souvenir of typical Vietnam and culture, opting for a lacquered object is an ideal choice. The work of this material has been an integral part of Vietnamese heritage for centuries. The craftsmen are constantly trying to improve their technique, so it is not uncommon to find objects inlaid with mother of pearl, gold shells and even sometimes gold leaf. Prices vary depending on the size and work of the object.

5. Silk

Price: 3 – 4 € / m2

What to buy in Vietnam© Shoesyourpath Photo

Still looking for something to buy in Vietnam? Take a look at artisanal fabrications. Once used as currency in commerce, silk played an important role in Vietnamese culture and its economic development. Made from the cocoon of a silkworm, it is then woven to make a textile. To produce 1kg of silk, 3000 silkworms feeding on 104kg of mulberry leaves are needed.

Considered an extremely luxurious product, silk is now more accessible. It will cost about € 3 for a standard silk meter, and about € 4 for a meter of premium type silk.

You will find the most beautiful fabrics in Hanoi, Hoi An and Ho Chi Minh City.

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6. The embroidery

Price: 5 – 7 € / article

What to buy in Vietnam

Embroidery is an excellent gift to bring back from Vietnam. Renowned for its original motifs and finesse, Vietnamese embroidery is available in all kinds of objects, tablecloths and placemats with impressive hand-embroidered paintings. Count between € 5 and € 6 for simple creations. If you wish to discover more about this technique, we recommend you to visit the embroidery museum located in Dalat.

7. An Ao Dai

Price: at least 35 €

What to buy in VietnamInstagram@tnl.camtu

When one wonders what to buy in Vietnam, the “Ao Dai”, this long traditional tunic, often comes back to the top of the list. Considered the national costume since the 18th century, it has undergone many changes over time before resembling the current model with long sleeves embellished with a Mao collar and ample pants, usually silk. The price of an “Ao Dai” is determined by the quality of the fabrics and embroidery.

8. Ceramic

Price: 5 – 10 € / piece

Ceramics is an art perpetuated by the Vietnamese people for millennia. This traditional craftsmanship experienced a major boom in its quest for identity under the Le dynasty (1428-1788) with the production of Bat Trang kiln located near Hanoi, on the banks of the Red River. Even today, this village enjoys an excellent reputation for ceramics, with more than 600 kilns still in operation. Bat Trang dishes are even exported throughout the country and internationally.

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Despite the mass arrival of plastic objects gradually replacing ceramics in the daily life of Vietnamese families, this ancestral art has seen its cultural and historical values ​​continue to flourish throughout the ages and places. Thus, besides Bat Trang, one can find beautiful works in the village of Chu Dau (still in the Red River Delta), in the village of Thanh Hà (in Central Vietnam, near Hoi An), or in the village Bau Truc (in Central Vietnam, south of Hoi An). A gift from Vietnam to bring back with care, a careful packaging is recommended.

9. Products specific to a place

Price: from 3 €

Lanterns in Hoi An

Vietnam Lanterns

It is impossible to stay in the city of lanterns without bringing back at least one to the home. The lanterns were introduced to Hoi An in the 16th century by Chinese traders who passed by the Silk Road. Considered as the cradle of Vietnamese-style lanterns, the city attracts every year many travelers who leave almost always with their lantern as a souvenir of Vietnam.

What to buy in Vietnam

The lanterns sold in Hoi An are bamboo frames covered with silk and are foldable, so they are very easy to carry. You’ll be spoiled for choice in color, size and shape, so prices vary enormously.

An average lantern (the most commonly purchased size) will usually cost between € 3 and € 3 50 for the simplest models. A big lantern as for it will cost between 4 € 50 and 9 € to see more according to the colors.

The best place for you to find one is the Lantern Market, which can be found on Nguyen Hoang Street and opens at 6pm.

Otherwise, you can always try the experience of making it yourself, many workshops offer this activity in Hoi An.

Pearls growing in Phu Quoc

Price: from 10 €

Vietnam pearls

Famous for its pearl production, Phu Quoc Island has many cultivation farms that you can visit to learn more about the pearl oyster technique. If you spend some time on the emerald island, this is an opportunity to bring back a nice local jewel as a souvenir of Vietnam. As far as prices are concerned, you can find a simple pearl, without rims or jewels, around 10 €, but the prices go up quickly according to the quality of the pearl, the work provided as well as the materials used for the decoration. and the mount. In this sense, you can fall on both € 30 earrings on pearl necklaces grazing 7000 €.

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Indigo cloth and Sapa rice alcohol

Price: from 6 €

What to buy in Vietnam

It is in the mountains of Northern Vietnam that you can buy indigo fabric made by local people from ethnic minorities. This fabric with the characteristic hue is made by the people H ‘mong. Women weave hemp or cotton fabrics, which they then color in navy with indigo and then embroider after drying in the sun.

If you are looking for what to buy in Vietnam which are original and local, put on your sneakers and go to the discovery of the mountains of the North during a trek where you can admire splendid rice terraces. The harvested rice is also used to make the emblematic Vietnamese alcohol, rice alcohol. To taste at least once in a lifetime!

10. Shopping at souvenir shop or vendors

Tea Vietnam

As Indochina Trends is very committed to responsible and sustainable tourism, we share a list of shops promoting fair trade that respects the environment and protects local populations. The prices of these Vietnam souvenirs are a little higher but guarantee a real commitment.

-Indigo Cat (Sapa), which offers beautiful indigo local and handmade fabrics.

-Craft-Link (Hanoi), an association selling clothing and household items created by ethnic minorities and disadvantaged groups.

-Mekong Quilts (Hanoi and Ho Chi Minh City), which offers employment to more than 300 women in the Northern Provinces in the production of quilts.

-Boutique Zó Project (Hanoi), which tries to preserve the know-how of the “dó” papers.

– Stationery “To he” Style (Hanoi), which offers products using paintings of autistic children as models.

What to buy in Vietnam

To conclude: We hope that with our suggestion, you will have a clear vision of what to buy in Vietnam. If you need more advice about Vietnam information and tour service, please drop us a line:

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