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Although sharing similar geographical and climate condition, each country in Indochina hosts its own abundance of cultural heritages and natural landscapes which are inspirations of endless adventures.

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With its very strategic position, Indochina are magnets for travelers to explore Far East cities, dense tropical jungles, pristine beaches and exotic plants and wildlife. While Laos is completely landlocked and still mysterious to foreigners. Cambodia and especially Vietnam draw more and more of tourists’ attention every year. Plenty of amazing things in this wonderland - which are floating on rivers and waterways, hide in authentic cuisine, sleep on mountains tiered with rice terraces, sit quietly in gilded temples - are awaiting for you to come and see.

Welcome on board with our team to gain firsthand knowledge about local regions and ancient arts as you travel around. From the breath-taking Halong Bay to peaceful rustic Hoi An, from the historic Phnompenh to inspiring temples of Angkor, from the laid-back Vientiane to the spiritual capital of Luang Prabang, travelers will have a chance to touch the heart and the soul of legendary Indochina.

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A trip encompassing Vietnam, Cambodia and Laos is such a treat. You’ll get to see mesmerizing cultural sights, experience the buzz of some of the world’s most significant landscapes. Treat them as your inspirations, as each trip is designed uniquely for you.

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